Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co.,Ltd (EIT Solutions) is the biggest factory for Water Analyzer Instrument in Shanghai City China. We build the first High Temp Laboratory in China.and produce more than 100 000 sensors and instruments every year.

We are pecialized in water quality process monitoring sensors and instruments for monitoring the development, design, production, manufacturing, sales and transportation of integrated enterprises. It is a professional manufacturer of electrochemical water analysis sensors and electrochemical water analysis instruments in China.

The acquisition equipment has advanced product technology and high-end precision production and testing equipment. In order toensure product quality, key raw materials have been strictly screened, and foreign product technologies and new production processes have been introduced. Among them are electrochemical water quality analysis sensor series and industrial online instrument series and other equipment. We are also widely used in chemical water testing in the industrial production process, such as: Biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, nuclear power, petrochemicals, environmental monitoring and sewage treatment, tapwater and drinking water, research institutes laboratories, swimming pools and other industries.

BOQU mainly products includes Online PH Meter/ORP/pH sensor Industrial Conductivity meter/sensor Online Acid/Alkali meter/sensor Online Dissolved oxygen meter/sensor Online Turbidity meter/sensor Online Residual/totalchlorine meter/sensor Online Ion meter/sensor Online COD/BOD/Heavy metals meter Sodium/Silica Analyzer Flow Meter/Level meter/pressure sensor.